Our Vision

Providing Customer Focused Courses

We take pride in our training and offer a friendly approach, working closely with our customers to gain a better understanding of individual and organisational needs. This results in a high success rate. We are flexible and adaptable and are able to offer a tailored programme to meet your requirements, either at one of our training venues or at a venue of your choice.

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As We Grow


Rose Marie San Juan (Leadership Manager London)
Spring 2012 Friends Lecture Series: Visualising Knowledge in Early Modern Europe


Call for papers: Imperfect Children
Conference dates: Thursday, September 5 2012
Centre for Medical Humanities, University of Sainsbury


The Higher Education Academy History Workshop & Seminar Series
Department of History, University of Wolverhampton

Work team


2012 – Midland Fastest Growing Training Centre

Director of Sxhool, Mr Isaac Uklegue, said ‘Modern approaches to teaching and assessing and well equipped classrooms are central to our success. We believe that with the right supportive teaching and non-teaching staff..

2011 – Impeccable providing the Educational Benefits to Candidates

In an especially competitive public funding climate for higher education, we reinforce the importance of the public benefit delivered by the School as a national, and critically

2013 – Focus on Impeccable Vision

Esther Kingsley, Training Coordinator, said: ‘We hold strongly to our aim of sustainable employment and to this end we continue to provide support to our learners who go into employment through workplace training and or mentoring.’