Jennifer A McMahon's Art and Ethics in a Material World: Kant's Pragmatist Legacy PDF

By Jennifer A McMahon

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In this booklet, McMahon argues examining of Kant’s physique of labor within the gentle of a pragmatist thought of that means and language (which arguably is a Kantian legacy) leads one to place neighborhood reception sooner than person reception within the order of aesthetic kinfolk. A center premise of the ebook is that neo-pragmatism attracts realization to an differently ignored element of Kant’s "Critique of Aesthetic Judgment," and this can be the perception of group which it units forth.

While supplying an interpretation of Kant’s aesthetic thought, the e-book makes a speciality of the consequences of Kant’s 3rd critique for modern paintings. McMahon attracts upon Kant and his legacy in pragmatist theories of that means and language to argue that aesthetic judgment is a model of ethical judgment: the way to domesticate attitudes conducive to neighborhood, which performs a pivotal position within the evolution of language, which means, and knowledge.

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It is in this respect that art has an ethical dimension as it engages our capacity to orient ourselves to the world in a way that is conducive to certain ends. The structure of aesthetic reflective judgment was of interest to Kant in his quest to understand how the concept of something (such as the moral law) might contain within it (the very concept) the motivation to endorse it and hence act in compliance with it. The content of a concept that would normally be unconscious and motivational, is in aesthetic reflective judgment merely reflective content.

Bill Henson, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney, 2012. artist’s attitude (motivational content) is not sufficiently calibrated with her audience’s or she equivocates on the appropriate form for the content she has in mind. Adopting another person’s evaluation of an artwork is like adopting a metaphor, trope, configuration or construct through which to perceive the object. The way we communicate our evaluations reflects this. We use metaphor, analogy and prior experience to communicate our perception and judgments.

Regarding where she stands and walks and which parts of the work she focuses upon, the viewer is reminded that her perspective is a part of what the work means. The viewer participates in the construction of meaning. The uncertainty surrounding new art media also prompts the viewer to be conscious of the fact that she compares her judgments to the judgments of others or how she imagines others would judge. If someone whose judgment she has reason to respect disagrees with her initial judgment, she might reconsider what she takes to be the relevant aspects of a work.

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