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For hundreds of years Tibetan Buddhists have depended on a suite of fifty-nine pith teachings (called lojong in Tibetan) to aid them strengthen knowledge and compassion amid the demanding situations of day-by-day residing. during this publication Pema Chödrön introduces those transformative teachings and provides assistance on how one can lead them to a part of our daily lives.

The lojong teachings comprise: "Always keep just a pleased mind," "Don't be swayed via exterior circumstances," "Don't be so predictable," and "Be thankful to everyone." each one slogan is through Pema Chödrön's available and succinct observation on the right way to comprehend and follow it.

This publication additionally includes a forty-five-minute audio software entitled "Opening the Heart," within which Pema Chödrön deals in-depth guide on tonglen meditation, a strong perform that any one can adopt to rouse compassion for oneself and others.

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Are there times in your life when you’re not aware of anything? Now, complete this thought: “I am aware of. . ” Do this again and again and notice where your awareness takes you. Do you tend to be more aware of internal or external sensations? Do you pay more attention to thoughts and fantasies than to your moment-to-moment sensory experiences? Notice whether a preoccupation with mental activity diminishes your awareness of what’s happening right here and now. Next, pay attention to whether your awareness tends to focus on a particular object or sensation or tends to be more expansive and inclusive.

Perhaps you bought this book simply because you want to reduce your stress or enhance your healing process or deal with your emotions. Forget about the Holy Mystery — a little more clarity and peace of mind would suit you just fine, thank you very much! Well, the truth is, you’re going to follow the same path no matter how high up the mountain you want to go. The basic instructions remain the same — but you get to choose your destination. Among the most popular stopping places and promontories en route to the summit are the following: ߜ Stronger focus and concentration ߜ Reduced tension, anxiety, and stress ߜ Clearer thinking and less emotional turmoil ߜ Lower blood pressure and cholesterol ߜ Support in kicking addictions and other self-defeating behaviors ߜ Greater creativity and enhanced performance in work and play ߜ Increased self-understanding and self-acceptance 15 16 Part I: Getting Acquainted ߜ More joy, love, and spontaneity ߜ Greater intimacy with friends and family members ߜ Deeper sense of meaning and purpose ߜ Glimpses of a spiritual dimension of being As you can see, these way stations are actually major destinations in their own right, and all of them are well worth reaching.

Where concentration disciplines, stabilizes, and grounds the mind, receptive awareness loosens and extends the mind’s boundaries and creates more interior space, enabling you to familiarize yourself with the mind’s contents. Where concentration blocks extra stimuli as distractions to the focus at 21 22 Part I: Getting Acquainted hand, receptive awareness embraces and assimilates every experience that presents itself. Most meditations involve the interplay of concentration and receptive awareness, although some more-advanced techniques teach the practice of receptive awareness alone.

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