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By Donald Tyson

H. P. Lovecraft's compelling personality, Abdul Alhazred, is delivered to lifestyles during this epic story detailing the mad sorcerer's tragic background and magical adventures. Alhazred tells his personal existence tale, starting with himself as a negative, good-looking boy in Yemen who draws the eye of the king for his divine ability in poetry. because the courtroom poet, younger Abdul lives a sumptuous lifestyles on the palace, the place he reports necromancy and magic. yet falling in love with the king's daughter ends up in a silly tryst, that's finally found. As punishment, Abdul is tortured, brutally mutilated, and forged into the wilderness, referred to as the Empty area. fighting madness, he joins a tribe of ghouls and learns forbidden secrets and techniques from a stranger referred to as Nyarlathotep. hence starts his downward spiral into wickedness. Renamed Alhazred, he escapes the barren region and embarks on a quest to revive his physique and reunite together with his real love. touring around the historical global and excellent nation-states, he's hounded by way of foes and affected by the calls for of his darkish lord.

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Walking around a bend in the road, I saw standing beside a small mound of stones the figure of a woman. Her body glowed even as mine. She stood naked with her back to me, unaware of my approach. As I drew near, the strangeness of her nature revealed itself. Through the glowing mist of her transparent torso I was able to distinguish the rocks that lay beyond her on the desert. Stopping behind her almost near enough to touch, I spoke. She trembled and slowly turned. Her face lacked all expression, and her open eyes showed only the whites, without their centers.

It danced and floated, a cloud of moonlight that changed its shape moment by moment as it moved across the desert with the irregular darts and pauses of a butterfly. Never had I seen any similar creature, nor did I remember hearing such a thing described. The thought came that it must be some kind of djinn. As I watched, my eyes distinguished its form from the obscuring glow. Elongated legs that folded beneath its haunches allowed it to hop across the sand. A large head with expanded mobile ears like those of a bat surmounted its slender body, and framed enormous black eyes and a wide mouth filled with needle-like teeth.

That which turns defines a center and opens it. All centers are at unity. To travel through a gate, you must go to the center and return from it. Yog-Sothoth is the way. I give you his seal. " He bent and drew a symbol in the sand. I stared at it. He recited words in an obscure tongue, harsh and guttural to my ears. The sand began to turn beneath my gaze and a black pit opened. I felt it tug at me like a hungry mouth. With a cry of dismay I tried to pull back from its widening lip, but was drawn into the darkness.

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