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By Harvey Cohn

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Eminent mathematician, instructor methods algebraic quantity conception from ancient point of view. Demonstrates how techniques, definitions, theories have developed in the course of final 2 centuries. Abounds with numerical examples, over 2 hundred difficulties, many concrete, particular theorems. a number of graphs, tables.

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Y, m> = 1, i Xl(Y) = 03 (Y, m) > 1, (3) but it might just aswell have beendefined modulo 1 by x*(y) = 1 and then x1 = x*(y) specializedto only those y where (y, m) = 1. , X4(Y) (4) = ( x4(y) if y = 1 (mod 4) 1, = - 1, if y s - 1 (mod 4). The resolution modulus is indicated in the margin of the table by (M = * . *). least LEMMA value 1. An equivalent definition of the positive integer M* (5) whenever of the resolution with the property modulus that M is the X(Y) = 1 y = I (mod M*) and (y, m) = 1.

If the integral domain contains an integral domain D* which then DO* is characterized by some fixed of integers of D which are congruent modulo ALGEBRAIC CONCEPTS D of all quadratic not consist positive rational to a (variable) does [Ch. III] integers of R(d@ wholly of rationals, integer n as the set rational integer n. Clearly the aggregateof quadratic integersD, which are in D and congruent to a rational integer modulo n, is closed under addition, subtraction, and multiplication by meansof the ring property of rational integers.

Hint. Showfirst that the field generatedby d? Will not contain 43. 7. Basis of Quadratic Integers Consider next the problem of deciding when the arbitrary surd E of the field generatedby v%, E = (a + bl/D)/c, (1) is a quadratic integer. First of a11we extract from D its (positive or negative) square-freekernel D,, SOthat D = m2D,. Then we cari cancel any factor of c which divides both a and b and makec > 0 for convenience. Replacing b by b/m, we Write Q + bJ% > c E= E’ = a - bJDo c Thus v’% and V$ generate the samefield.

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