Accelerated VB 2008 (Accelerated) by Guy Fouché, Trey Nash PDF

By Guy Fouché, Trey Nash

ISBN-10: 1430203390

ISBN-13: 9781430203391

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ISBN-13: 9781590598740

Sped up VB 9.0 is the quickest route to VB mastery. All VB programmers want to know and know the way VB relatively works yet only a few books handle this. None conceal it within the intensity that this does. It teaches either center VB language techniques and the way to exploit them in high-performance code. All programmers relocating to VB from any language or relocating as much as VB 9.0 from VB 2005 will locate this ebook really worth paying for, examining, and utilizing as a reference.

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The command var = CType("123", Integer) attempts to convert "123" even though it’s a string, and this statement succeeds because VB will implicitly cast "123" to an Integer. But the command var = DirectCast("123", Integer) will fail because the compiler won’t try any implicit conversions and attempts to directly convert a string to an Integer. It’s recommended to use DirectCast when you know a reference type conversion will work and you need the extra performance benefit. Another difference between CType and DirectCast is that you can only use DirectCast on types that have an inheritance relationship.

To the Command Prompt. Finally, we looked at some of the new features that are now a part of VB, including LINQ, object and array initializers, extension methods, anonymous types, and Option Infer. In the next chapter, we’ll dive into VB syntax, explore VB namespaces, and discuss control flow. qxp 1/8/08 4:19 PM CHAPTER Page 11 2 VB 2008 Syntax T his chapter is an introduction to the syntax of the Visual Basic (VB) language. The topics covered here are the glue that binds programs together. NET common language runtime (CLR).

Y values. This is because in the AttemptToModifyCoord method, the Location parameter is passed by value and the method modifies a local copy of the structure that was made when the method was called. On the contrary, the Location parameter is passed by reference to the ModifyCoord method. Thus any changes made in the ModifyCoord method are actually made on the Location value in the calling scope. Enumerations Enumerations (Enum) make coding easier by allowing you to create a structure of constants.

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