Leah Clifford's A Touch Mortal PDF

By Leah Clifford

ISBN-10: 0062005006

ISBN-13: 9780062005007

ISBN-10: 0062069748

ISBN-13: 9780062069740

Eden did not anticipate Az.

Not his saunter down the seashore towards her. now not his unimaginable pick-up line. no longer the moment, indisputable connection. and never his wings.


So lengthy, happily-ever-after.

Now trapped among existence and demise, cursed to unfold chaos along with her each contact, Eden may be the key within the everlasting fight among heaven and hell. All simply because she gave her middle to at least one of the Fallen, an angel solid out of heaven.

She may perhaps lose every thing she ever had. She could be betrayed via these she loves such a lot. yet Eden are usually not a pawn in somebody else's online game. Her middle is her own.

And that is purely the start of the end.

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Start over. Even in her head the words sounded like lies. It wasn’t like she had a college fund, or could take off to some faraway campus. She didn’t have the grades to get in anyway. So that’s the extent of your brilliant plan? Eden sifted her fingers through the sand, coming back to the same facts. No car. No money. No job. If she got lucky, she’d spend the next fifty years working the front desk at one of the hotels in this crappy tourist town. Her mind went to her other option, the one she considered more every day.

He asked. It didn’t feel real. Her still being there. She pulled her hands away slowly. ” Her voice grew even quieter. “If I freak out and leave, I lose you. ” Her fingers found his again, entwining with them as their eyes met. “I want you. And if this is you, well…” He pulled her into his arms, the tension in his shoulders releasing as her arms wrapped around him. ” CHAPTER 5 Ivy grew thick across the back of the house, the broken path across the yard lost under green tendrils. Gabriel didn’t bother hiding his presence, using his key to slip in the back door.

She felt her cheeks redden with humiliation, wondering why he’d pulled away. He flung open the balcony door without an answer, rattling it down the track. Eden jumped as it slammed. When he was outside, he slid it almost closed, leaving only the last inch open. An invitation. She sat, unbelieving, on the bed. What the hell is wrong with everyone lately? The blinds still swung wildly. Slowly she stood and made her way across the room and slid the door open. ” she asked cautiously. ” He leaned, his hand hanging beyond the railing of the balcony.

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