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By Brian Massumi

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A surprise to idea brings jointly essays that discover Deleuze and Guattari's philosophy of expression in a couple of modern contexts. it is going to be of curiosity to all these in philosophy, cultural stories and paintings concept. the amount additionally comprises an interview with Guattari which basically restates the 'aesthetic paradigm' that organizes either his and Deleuze's paintings.

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An ontogenetic field, he argues, is dephased in the sense that it envelops the potential for what will in actuality separate out as separate temporal phases as well as distinct organizational strata. A transductive process crosses intervals of dephasing where it is repotentialized for a next emergence. See Simondon 1995: 30–2. In order to sustain a nature–culture continuum it seems necessary to posit ‘feedback’ mechanisms whereby the formed products specific to a stratum cascade back down the chain, retransforming into ‘functionless functions’ contributing to conditioning the field of emergence for each stratum.

Instances of the beautiful are examples in themselves, but not examples of anything. You can point to them as examples; but you cannot point to that of which they are examples. Each is a singularity: an instance that can be emulated, but not imitated. Whereas the Sublime leads to rational Ideas, concepts for which there are no adequate intuitions. 24 Kant’s idea of the singular aesthetic Idea, as an intuition for which there can be no concept, is quite close to the notion of singularity in Deleuze.

In the English translation,désignation is rendered as‘denotation’. 5 For a nostalgia-less, Deleuze–Guattari inflected appropriation of the notion of ‘simulation’ for inter-cultural politics, see Mani Haghighi in this volume. 6 ‘Irony … determines … the whole of the possible as a supreme originary individuality … [it] acts as the instance which assures the coextensive of being and the individual within the world of representation … [rendering] possible the ascent of the individual’, (Deleuze, 1990a: 138).

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