A Garden Of Pomegranates: A Outline of the Qabalah - download pdf or read online

By Israel Regardie

ISBN-10: 0875426905

ISBN-13: 9780875426907

A easy advent to the sensible Qabala as a street map to the subconscious, and to Man's interrelationship with the Universe -- with specific emphasis on mental integration, magick, and religious progress.

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TAH The first Sephirah (the essence of Being-Spil'it-Matter) contained in essence and potentiality the other nine Sephiros and gave rise to them in a process which can be mathematically stated. S. " He answers the question in his Introduction to the Kabbalah Unveiled: " By reflection of itself. For although 0 b~ incapable of definition, 1 is definable. And the effect of a definition is to form an Eidolon, duplicate or image, of the thing defined. Thus, then, we obtain a duad composed of 1 and its reflection.

Others, seeing simply the solution, have seized upon intuition, or to be more accurate, the intellectual concept of intuition, leaving us, however, with no methods of checking and verifying that intuition, which in consequence is so liable to degenerate into mere guesswork,. coloured by personal inclination and abetted by gross wish-phantasm. The two main methods of the traditional and esoteric Qabalah are Meditation (Yoga) and Practical Qabalah (Magick). By Yoga is meant that rigorous system of mental and self discipline which has as its primary aim the absolute and complete control of the thinking principle, the Ruach; the ultimate object being to obtain the faculty with which to still the stream of thought at will, so that 28 THE PIT 29 that which is behind (as it were), or above, or beyond the mind can manifest on to the stillness thus produced.

We can easily discard the theological and dogmatic interpretations of the ancient Rabbanim as useless, and not affecting this real basis itself, and refer cverything in the universe to the fundamental system of pure Number. Its symbols will be intelligible to all rational minds in an identical sense, since the relations obtaining between these symbols are fixed by nature. It is this consideration which has led to the adoption of the Qabalistic " Tree of Life" as the basis of the universal philosophical alphabet.

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