A Companion to Art Theory by Paul Smith, Carolyn Wilde PDF

By Paul Smith, Carolyn Wilde

ISBN-10: 0631207627

ISBN-13: 9780631207627

The spouse presents an obtainable severe survey of Western visible paintings conception from resources in Classical, Medieval and Renaissance concept via to modern writings.

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The reason for this higher valuation is the fact that the abstract intellectual world was regarded as much more valuable than the fleeting and ever-changing world of the senses, which is the domain of mimemata. The Production of Mimemata Thus, according to ancient thought mimesis was, in a passive sense, the reception of mental images, and in an active sense it was seen as the production ( poiesis) of objects intended to create mental images in the minds of the perceivers. This 24 The Classical Concept of Mimesis production has two stages: the creation of a mental image (often called inventio in the Latin tradition) and the skill to realize the mental image in material form as a painting, or sculpture etc.

He is applying a Ciceronian term of rhetoric describing how the parts of a sentence are properly built together, and sentences ordered into effective oratory, to painting (see Baxandall, 1971, p. 131). In Book Three Alberti writes, ‘I would have those who begin to learn the art of painting do what I see practised by teachers of writing. They first teach all the signs of the alphabet separately, and then how to put syllables together and then whole words. Our students should follow 13 Tradition and the Academy this method with painting’ (1991, p.

An individual thing presses its contingent qualities and shapes upon the senses like a signet ring which, when stamped into wax, delivers its form but not its matter to the wax. However, when we think ‘house’ the mind entertains the essence, real nature or the ‘houseness of houses’ which is something general and not accessible to the senses (aisthesis) but only to thought (noesis) since thoughts do not have individual and contingent properties. Mental images could be of different kinds, it was maintained, and were distinguished from each other with regard to vividness, consistency and relation to 20 The Classical Concept of Mimesis the outside world.

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