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This can be the 1st significant observation onEuropides' Iphigenia in Tauris to seem in English in additional than sixty five years and does complete justice to an undeservedly ignored tragedy. It sheds mild on Euripides' fascinating therapy of fantasy, which makes the play a fascinating test in his occupation. The advent and observation talk about generally the play's well-known attractiveness and intrigue scenes and its attention-grabbing presentation of the connection of gods and people. The remark additionally bargains clean insights into the play's complicated depiction of Greeks and barbarians, and the function of cult in 5th century Athens.

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It also surfaces in Hesiod's Catalogue of Women (fr. 23a) and in Stesichorus' Oresteia (fr. 215 = Phld. Piet. N248 III [p. 24 Gomperz]), whose source is identified as Hesiod (fr. 23b). The Catalogue says that Clytaemestra's daughter Iphimede was sacrificed by the Achaeans but saved by Artemis who substituted a phantom for the girl and immortalized Iphimede as her attendant under the name of Artemis Einodia. 1) report that Iphigeneia became Hecate according to Hesiod. This points to a modification of the Hesiodic version on the part of Stesichorus or is simply a mistake.

At the end of Euripides' Electra and Orestes the hero has to undergo additional trials in order to achieve final restitution but the playwright's choice in IT has a number of advantages. The remarkable innovation of the Erinyes' split in the Areopagus trial and the continued persecution of Orestes by the recalcitrant group allows for the portrayal of a matricide with little credible hope of deliverance even after an acquittal. The failure of Apollo's oracle to mention Iphigeneia and her interpretation of her dream as announcement of Orestes' death generate suspense and ultimately open the way for the highly dramatic double recognition.

The play does not deal so much with the repetition of past wrongs or the punishment of past crimes as with mortal attempts to come to terms with incredible, seemingly accidental, reversals, the unexpected onslaught of disaster or emergence of salvation. II. Myth and cult (1) No other extant play dramatizes the myth of IT and there survives no secure information about any previous treatment of this myth. Sophocles' Chryses (fr. 726-30) may have dealt with the escape of Iphigeneia and Orestes from Tauris and their pursuit by Thoas.

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